Legend of Dviiym: Crossed Land

Horg's Journal

The Begining

Late night to my knowledge I had been transported in my sleep to what appeared to be a prison underground. There were many others there of varying races and backgrounds. We only managed to escape when an Aegasi guard died dropping his keys into a High Elf that came to be known as Eilwyn's cage, not before killing two escaped prisoners, who looked as if they've never been in a fight in their lives. Eilwyn than preceded to let all but one out an, Aegasi that is now referred to as Sparky. This shook and confused many of the prisoners, not sure why an Aegasi was imprisoned here, we decided to let him out not believing he's with the ones who imprisoned us here we heard the sound of moving rubble from above and the entire area felt as if it was collapsing, so me and four others ran threw a tunnel those four were the Dwarf Paladin Bærik, the High Elf Bard Aelwen, the Avian Monk Ikki, and the Aegasi Fighter Sparky. The remaining prisoners stayed behind hoping to be rescued, we heard screaming from behind us moments later signaling that help wasn't coming. At the end of the tunnel was an open room with a pedestal, Aelwen had found an orb about the size of a marble made of Sardonyx, she placed it on the pedestal where it summoned a portal before us. We thought whatever is one the other side can't be worse then whatever's behind us, so we went through the portal but not before I took this "Gatestone". The portal led to a ruin in a land unknown, within the ruin we found some alchemical supplies and books, we took the supplies and left. 

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